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Loudoun Times interviews Robert for release of Somewhere in the Middle. CLICK HERE

Bluegrass Today article: Drymill Road at Carnegie Hall! CLICK HERE

Winston-Salem Journal article for the 4/19/2014 show: CLICK HERE

Drymill Road was recently contacted by a promoter to play a festival in 2014.
The promoter was very interested in hiring us but wanted to review our CD recordings before making a final decision.
We sent our CDs to him. After a few days we emailed to see if he had listened and to see what he thought of the music.

Here is his response…and one of my favorite reviews:

“….I did. You guys are different in some very rare ways. You haven’t got a tenor, you didn’t put “Love of the Mountains” on your CD, There are no showoffs on any instrument. You aren’t afraid to border on folk, new grass, Indie, cafe, uptown and or mountain blues style pickin. I can only think of one heretic that got such a review when looking for a gig when he was young. His name was Charlie Waller. I’m interested and we need to talk….”

Drymill Road got the job!

R. Simmons 8/28/2013

Drymill Road crafts old-timey newgrass/bluegrass-tinged goodness marked by upbeat banjo, perky mandolin and wildly harmonizing vocals — overall, it’s chipper, c harming, spirited good time music that’ll take your somewhere down the tranquility of a back road then the next song will sling you into the heart of a raucous party to sell out crowds. A mighty fine musical time!

Cheryl Ash – Barns of Rose Hill

The Martinsburg Berkeley County Convention and Visitors Bureau has booked Drymill Road for a several area events that are unique in their attendee
draw and flavor. Drymill Road has been a crowd favorite at each and every one and appeal to many by transcending several roots music genres. Our area also hosts the state BBQ and Bluegrass Festival, Pickin’ In the Panhandle. We have repeatedly booked Drymill Road for this event because their unique sound and cool stage presence make them a hit at every show!

Jennifer Jensen / Andrea Ball – Make Welcome Entertainment

Blog by Ed Henry – Click here to read review!

More kind words from Ed Henrys blog (8/27/2012):

I love to experience a band for the first time and walk away with the feeling that “Somebody needs to put a watch on these guys.” If you’ve got a bluegrass monkey on your back like I do, you know what I’m talking about. Robert Mabe sent me word the other day that did my heart good. There’s a bluegrass plague in the making and it’s getting closer to the Beltway. Rob (Banjo Extraordinaire for Dry Mill Road) sent word that Dry Mill Road is scheduled to appear at The Lost Rhino Brewing Company in Ashburn, Virginia on October 3rd. I know, that sounds like a long way off, but that’s not the point. It’s more important to know that this particular band is edging ever so closely to the DC area. I first ran into them in Martinsburg and then later on this summer in Winchester. I’m always reminded of that classic line from Monty Python: “And now for something completely Different!” Average these guys are not. With one CD to their credit and lots of special appearances in the Winchester/Panhandle region the bluegrass police have the surveillance teams up and running. These are not your usual suspects. Dry Mill Road brings a full-blown entertainment experience to the stage with some very different blends of old, new, traditional, surprising twists and turns of musicality and phrasing. The beauty of it is to not expect to hear “NewGrass” or some far-out bastardization of the basic form. The value is in the entertainment package. They’ll transport you down a road – that’s ‘Older than the Hills.’ You can get all the particulars off The Lost Rhino Brewing Company’s Facebook Page. News of this appearance is not up there yet, but I suspect it will be posted sometime in September. Never too late to clear your calendar now.

Ed Henry (11/6/2012):

Hold on to your horses. Dry Mill Road has been invited back to play the Lost Rhino Brewing Company in Ashburn, Virginia on 7 December, 2012, at 6:00. I advise you to get there early. I had written another…article about the first time they played here on October 3rd ( and with the speed at which things change in Loudoun County, I expect the second appearance to be even more profound than the first. Loudoun County was all over the major networks as “ground zero” for the Obama re-election. I couldn’t raise a channel without hearing about how Loudoun County was going to vote. You’re probably wondering what any of this has to do with bluegrass. Well, a lot. In a place like this particular bar/brewery/hang-out for the techno-crowd, you’d never expect Dry Mill Road to be invited back. But they obviously made an impact on the first go-round. That’s easily understood by this bluegrass addict. These guys are first-class with a first-class package of entertainment suitable for the hardest of hard-core bluegrass fans. Then there’s the edge-factor with inclusion of Dylan, Led Zeppelin, and beer-drinkin’ Jimmy Martin to round out the night. They just finished a grand tour of the East Coast, the newly instituted Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival and an amazing near sell-out performance at Barns of Rose Hill in Berryville, Virginia. I’m happy to see these guys working regularly. Dry Mill Road knows how to move a crowd. Hopefully at December’s gig more of those Loudounites will understand that Hey, it’s OK to show some blood and get up and dance. All work and no play (and listening to elevator music all day) makes Jack a dull boy.


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